Susanna Harwood Rubin

Susanna Harwood Rubin

Visual Artist, Writer & Certified Yoga Teacher

Susanna Harwood Rubin

Meet Susanna Harwood Rubin

Though she divides her time between the art studio and the yoga studio, Susanna’s work is anything but divided: her classes offer a multiplicity of ways for students to experience their inner beauty, interweaving myth, poetry, philosophy and a physical practice. She travels regularly to South India to study the traditions of Rajanaka Tantra with scholar Dr. Douglas Brooks, and teaches internationally, while based at New York City’s Virayoga. Her artwork is in many collections, such as the UCLA Hammer Museum and the Addison Gallery of American Art. She has regularly lectured and written for MoMA in addition to several other magazines and blogs. Susanna is an innovator in spiritual wellbeing, and supports the Srividyalaya Matriculation School in Madurai, South India, which gives underprivileged children access to a complete primary and secondary education, as well as the Breast Cancer Fund, which researches environmental factors in women’s health.

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  1. Susanna Harwood Rubin

    Harwood Rubin

    February 16, 2012

Passions & Pastimes

  • S.Harwood Ruben. Susanna travels to South India with her mentor, John Friend, to delve into the traditions of Rajanaka Tantra
  • S.Harwood.Susanna's favorite beauty product is Pangea Organics lip balm (Alexandra Christofor's conflicted copy 2012-02-16)
  • Susanna in Hunumanasana

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