Meera Gandhi

Meera Gandhi

Founder and CEO

The Giving Back Foundation

Meet Meera Gandhi

Meera Gandhi is a life-time philanthropist, inspiring others through her tremendous impact on the lives of those in need. Meera is the founder and CEO of the not-for-profit The Giving Back Foundation, an organization dedicated to assisting and educating women and children, particularly those caught in the throes of illness, poverty and suffering. The Giving Back Foundation has also become a platform for debates and discussions centered around global social justice initiatives. Meera herself has been given the Person of the Year Award by the Wayuu Taya Foundation and was named by Donna Karen International as one of the company’s “Women Who Inspire.” She has recently produced a book, CD, and film all entitled “Giving Back,” which feature inspirational celebrity figures and their personal charitable efforts. Today Meera splits her time between the US, London, India and Hong Kong, all of the places in which the Giving Back Foundation is rooted. She continues to live each day by her well-known life motto, “We are to the universe only as much as we give back to it.”

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    January 13, 2013

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