Julia Hartz

Julia Hartz

President & Co-founder


Meet Julia Hartz

After a comfortable career in Television Development at MTV Networks and FX Networks, Julia put it all on the line to jump head first into a new project with her now husband, Kevin. Julia spends her days focusing on the happiness of her team of “Britelings” at Eventbrite, an online forum that connects people to great events and the tickets they’ll need to get there. Eventbrite empowers women-led organizations to raise awareness, connect with community and generate revenue. When not busy at the office, Julia supports organizations like The Village Well and The Full Circle Fund, all while making it home in time to see her handsome husband, adorable daughter and pretend dog.

Claudia's Exclusive Interviews

  1. Julia Hartz


    February 21, 2012

Passions & Pastimes

  • J.Hartz.Julia is the Co-founder and President of Eventbrite
  • J.Hartz.Julia has been active in The Full Circle Fund
  • J.Hartz.Julia graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.A. in Telecommunications

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