Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore

Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore


Something Different for Women, LLC

Meet Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore

For the past eight years Jennifer has taught her ‘Something Different For Women’ courses in New York City as well as women around the globe, from Miami to Denver, Toronto to Copenhagen, Dubai to Malaysia. Combining psychotherapy, women’s studies, addiction and co-dependence trainings, goal setting, quantum physics, the powers of consciousness and eastern philosophy, Jennifer has brought personal growth and changed the lives of over 700 women worldwide. Her workshop series was born out of endless requests from friends and strangers alike, who, over the course of many years, were attracted to Jennifer’s positive energy, inspirational words and her self motivation and personal successes in corporate branding.

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  1. Jennifer.Macaluso-Gilmore

    Macaluso Gilmore

    February 8, 2012

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