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Zainab Salbi

Zainab Salbi/Starting Out

Founder, Women for Women International

A: I would tell her live your truth and your passion now and don't wait to be true to yourself and your beliefs until later in life. It may be risky ...


Danielle Carrig/Starting Out

Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Public Affairs, A+E Networks

A: Take a job that meets these two criteria: 1) Will you be working with people that will support you and have a stake in your growth; 2) Will you be ...

Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte/Starting Out

Author, Danielle LaPorte Inc.

A: You're important. The universe has got your back. Know how to give a good handshake. The divine feminine is the greatest power you have. Forget what you learned in college.

Karyn Twaronite photo_SHE Summit_050814

Karyn Twaronite/Starting Out

Partner, Ernst & Young LLP, & EY Americas Inclusiveness Officer

A: I’ll share a few tips that have helped me: First, perform consistently. You need to deliver at a high level regularly. If you make a commitment, follow through, and if something ...

Charlotte Beyer

Charlotte Beyer/Starting Out

Founder, Institute for Private Investors

A: 1. Prepare to be shocked by the staid and ossified culture you are entering. 2. Adapt with the full awareness that while you might chafe at the restrictions, this adaptation allows ...

Summer Rayne Oakes

Summer Rayne Oakes/Starting Out

Co-founder, Source4Style

A: My advice would be “Do what makes you come alive.” If you uncover that in yourself, you will know what direction to point your compass. Once you find that, walk ...

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