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To move mountains, and to empower more female role models, our team buckles down and hyper focuses on chipping away at tasks year-round. We know you can relate! One of the few things that can distract us is getting an unexpected write up or love letter that makes us weak in the knees with JOY! See what people have said, and if what we do inspires you to write or cover anything – please get in touch.

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  • “Thank you…on behalf of all women out there.“

    - Sheryl Sandberg

  • “Wow!!! Thank you so much for being such a role model to all the remarkable women out there.“

    -Lubov Azria

  • “It is time for women to tell our new story … Claudia is a role model herself for a woman who went after her dreams to live her own truth.“

    -Zainab Salbi

  • “… a uniquely supportive network of women, and so inspirational“

    -Daphne Oz

  • “Claudia Chan’s presence, knowledge and style portends a great future. There’s the VISION, Claudia, and pray you will turn that into reality every day!“

    -Warren Bennis


  • “I’m so glad that I was able to soak up a piece of S.H.E. Summit. I’m still buzzing from the panel and individual conversations I had with hands down the BEST group of women I’ve ever encountered at such a large-scale event.“

    -Alexia Vernon

  • “I pray you are embracing the amazing movement you have created. It can only work when everyone is aligned with your core values…and it’s pretty remarkable to watch it play out in front of my eyes“

    -Vanessa Coppes

  • “Claudia’s events are truly inspiring…with the resources and connections I’ve met through her, our business has grown, and I feel that much better about taking on the day to day challenges of building a startup.“

    -Pooja Badlani


  • “Amazing! I’m a Tedtalks girl, but honestly, I feel that this site will by new favorite go to place.“

    -Francesca V.

  • “I’m constantly looking for information and advice about how to grow my business. Your site is beautiful, brilliant and helpful — brava!“

    -Jessica N.

  • “This is just what I ‘ve been waiting for. Fresh, savvy, informative and above all powerful. Claudia you have definitely filled a huge gap in media for women.“

    -Beverly D.

  • “Quite inspiring, and I love LOVE the spirit of inclusiveness, and warmth.“

    -Kate S.

  • “Your work and your site is amazing. Thank you for what you do for women.“

    -Robyn P.

  • “I am really touched by what you are doing. Especially with what I am going through right now, this woman to woman channel of information and inspiration is really of deep value.“

    -Cathy B.


  • “As members of a female-led entrepreneurial organization, S.H.E. Summit was a one-stop shop for GoGo squeeZ to engage with opinion leaders across multiple industries and demographics, highlight our brand and our brand story, and continue to support growth for women in leadership.“

    - Former Director of Brand Activation, Go Go Squeeze

  • “SHE Summit was a huge success … Through our participation, Dermalogica was able to meet a targeted group of women influencers who were interested in learning more about the brand and its passion for helping women entrepreneurs.“

    - PR Director, Dermalogica

  • “Thank you for the opportunity to participate in S.H.E. Summit Week and congratulations on such an inspired offering.“

    - Northeast Field Marketing Manager, Luna Bar